iTunes U for Students

iTunes U for Faculty Members

Like many hundreds of universities and colleges around the world, UNO uses iTunes U as way of delivering content (lectures, media, notes, etc.) for both online courses and collections of media files of interest to the UNO community. iTunes U is the free educational branch of the iTunes store.

Download and Access iTunes U

1. Download the free iTunes application for your Mac/PC, or the free iTunes U app for an iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Download iTunes | Video: iTunes App

2. Create an Apple ID to download content to your iTunes U library.

Create Apple ID

3. Subscribe to an iTunes U course.

Video: iTunes U Courses Tutorial | Sample: iTunes U Course

Lectures and Courses on iTunes U

A typical iTunes U lecture is an audio podcast synced with slides of text. Such lectures can be accessed only through iTunes U, which is the free education content and delivery system available through the iTunes store. You can only access iTunes U through iTunes, or, for iOS devices, the iTunes U app.

Since this Moodle "course" was created as a resource for UNO faculty who want to create an iTunes U course of their own, anyone reading this ought to be familiar with what it is this Moodle "course" will "teach" them how to create.

Create a Lecture for iTunes U

Managing iTunes U Courses

This section explores how to create a course and how to integrate materials for students using the iTunes U app for iOS devices.

Manage iTunes U Courses

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials will walk you through the setup required to access course content on your Mac or PC computer using the iTunes application, or on your iPad or iPhone using the iTunes U app.

Watch tutorials