Meet Our Writing Coaches

Eric Collins

Eric CollinsEric is from a small Louisiana town just off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. He graduated with a BA in English from UNO in 2014 and is now enrolled in the first year of the graduate program. When not busy, Eric enjoys playing music, writing, swimming in the ocean, and walking around the city, among other things. He also enjoys the comfort of his tempestuous feline, Chiyo.


Jessi D'Aquin

Jessi D'AquinJessi D'Aquin grew up in the Greater New Orleans area and graduated from UNO in 2015 with a BA with Honors in English, cum laude. When she is not scouring the internet for digital versions of medieval manuscripts, she is either reading YA fantasy novels or playing Dungeons and Dragons as a Dungeon Master with her friends. She loves J. R. R. Tolkien and J. K. Rowling in equal strides despite their differences. She loves Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino in equal strides in light of their similarities. She hopes to one day balance a writing career and a career as a professor of Medieval Literature as a Chaucerian. Despite the buzzcut and the combat boots, she's just a softie who's all smiles.

Patrice Jones

Patrice JonesPatrice was born in New Haven, CT to two New Orleans natives. Her parents, who are both addicted to education, decided that Patrice should spend her entire life on college campuses. They bounced from University to University (Yale, Spelman, Clemson, and The University of Northern Iowa), turning Patrice into an academia brat. Finally, her mother was offered the position of her dreams at the University of Iowa, where Patrice spent her high school years hanging out with all of her mother’s theatre students. Passionate about drama, Patrice was accepted into the University of Minnesota BFA actor training program. After a year of studying acting, she decided that Minneapolis was too cold and that New Orleans was where her heart was. Patrice then took a hiatus from school, moved to New Orleans, and began modeling professionally. Eventually she began to grow tired of runways, cameras, and makeup. She also realized that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree and that she, like her parents, had an addiction to education. She enrolled at UNO and fell in love with the English department. It is there that she discovered her love for writing, analyzing literature, and history. She graduated with her BA in English in 2016. Because her addiction is out of control, she is now an MA student in English. On the side, Patrice still models professionally, volunteers with Big Class, plays violin in a local orchestra, and dances the night away to live music. Patrice’s dream is to continue to spend her life on college campuses educating others and learning life’s secrets. 

 LB Kovac

LB KovacLB is originally from Oak Grove, a farming town in northeast Louisiana.  She occasionally misses farm life but thinks that the energy of a big city is a fair trade-off for fried green tomatoes and fresh hay.  LB attended LSU and briefly the University of Rhode Island while pursuing her undergraduate degree, and she is currently working on her graduate degree here at UNO's Creative Writing Workshop.  Her focus is in fiction.  In her spare time, of which she always wishes there was more, she likes running, drawing, playing video games, and learning more about Scotch.  She reads a lot of webcomics, historical novels, and sci-fi.


Ellie Lindner

Ellie LindnerA California native, Ellie Lindner received her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Denver, where she also worked as a writing consultant, teaching assistant, and assistant editor for two literary journals. While there, she also became interested in self-publishing zines. After backpacking through Europe and working in Israel for a short period, she moved to New Orleans to pursue her MFA at UNO. 



Shaina Monet

Shaina MonetShaina Monet is from New Orleans.  She completed her bachelor's degrees in French and English at UNO in 2013. Since then, she has joined the Creative Writing Program to study poetry writing, and she currently holds the position of Associate Poetry Editor of Bayou magazine. When she is not reading or writing poetry and/or fiction, you might find her engaged in Star Trek (DS9, TNG, Voyager, and TOS, in that order), documenting street art and murals, or practicing her cooking and mixology skills on her friends. Her academic interests include linguistics, translation, and representatioins of gender, identity, race, and mental health in contemporary literature.

Jacquelyn Nasti

Jacquelyn NastiJacquelyn hails from the Jersey Shore, though her life there was nothing like the TV show. She made her way to New Orleans in 2010 to attend Loyola University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in English, concentration in writing. She is now a MFA candidate in UNO's Creative Writing Workshop with a concentration in poetry. Outside of attending classes and coaching at the Writing Center, she babysits and tutors children all over the city. With her sliver of free time, Jacquelyn likes to explore New Orleans and the surrounding area, go out to see music, read just about everything, and talk to (and about) her cat like she's a human.