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If it has been a while since Sister Mary Catherine tried to teach you grammar with a metal ruler, or if nobody ever bothered to explain it to you at all, take heart: The Writing Center has a bunch of grammar handouts that explain everything you always wanted to know about grammar (and then some). Download what you need from the list below or stop by for hard copies.

Contrary to popular opinion, grammar is not a branch of Dark Magic! Think of grammar as the traffic rules of language -- somebody made these rules at some point, and, just like you had to learn the meaning of Writing Center Tutoringvarious traffic signs in driving school, you can learn the various grammar rules and apply them.

Whereas understanding the rules of language is not all that difficult, finding and fixing grammar errors in your writing can be a daunting task (our own writing always looks different than the sample sentences in handbooks). So, if the handouts posted below do not radically cut down on all that red ink on your papers, the Writing Center offers Workshop, in which you study grammar in small groups under the supervision of a tutor.

If you REALLY want to get the full benefit of grammar instruction, read the handouts explaining your most common errors and then bring your paper to the Writing Center. A tutor can help you understand much better than any handout how to recognize and fix grammar errors in your paper!

Grammar Handouts

Download our grammar handouts (pdf format).