How We Do Things: The Rules

When many people use the same facilities, there need to be some rules to make sure that everybody has equal access to the services they offer. Please read the rules stated below and follow them.

Making an Appointment

You can come and see us with an appointment or without. With is better, so call 280-7054 to make one or come by LA 334 in person. Unfortunately, we cannot honor requests left on our voicemail or sent to us through email.

You can only make one writing-tutoring appointment at a time.

You can only have one writing-tutoring appointment per day.

When you come in, check in at the front desk. We need to know that you have arrived for your appointment.

Showing up for Appointments

If you must cancel your appointment, please call us at least an hour in advance. Failing to show up for an appointment will get you on our "list of no-shows." After three no-shows, you will not be able to make another appointment for the rest of the semester.

Be on time for your appointments! If you are five minutes late, your appointment may be given to another student waiting for a stand-by appointment.

If you are ten minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled.

Food, Drinks, Cell Phones

You cannot bring food or drinks (except bottled water) into the Writing Center or the computer lab.

You are not allowed to use cell phones in the Writing Center (except in emergencies). Turn them off or set them to vibrate when you come in.

Disturbers of the Peace and Other Undesirable Characters

The Writing Center staff reserves the right to remove anybody from the premises who disobeys the above rules, creates a disturbance, or disrespects the staff.