UNO's brand is determined by how people feel about UNO, their experiences with the University, and their perceptions about the quality of the academics, athletics, and administration. The brand is played out in every interaction people have with UNO—in a classroom, in administrative offices, in a publication, on a UNO website, in the news media, on the phone, anywhere. It's not just a logo or tagline - it's who we are.

Having a strong brand can add tremendous value to UNO—it can help us to be identified more easily in the more competitive market place, showcase our unique elements and advance our accomplishments to students, become the top-choice school as our potential students make decisions, or help us to attract top-notch faculty.

Partnering with organizations like Lipman Hearne, The College Board and regional research firms,  the Marketing and Communications team has recently completed a program of research-based brand identity work.  While this work never ends, we now have the tools to communicate who we are effectively and consistently.  The tools begin with this brochure.

We ask that you familiarize yourself with the contents so that you can speak with confidence and consistency about the essence of who we are and answer the question, “Why should I go to UNO?”  Or, “Why should I support UNO?”  What these questions are asking is: What makes UNO different than its competitors?  We need to know how to answer.

Our answers must be clear, concise, certain and sincere.  We want everyone to know that UNO is a place like no other where students find their ingenuity and individuality, graduates launch a career and the region has an economic powerhouse.