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Position, Promotion, Perception

The Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing at the University (OCPRM) is responsible for producing all external, promotional communications with the intent of maximizing the perception of the UNO brand to the public.  Ultimately, a stronger brand leads to more students. Beginning with a research-based understanding of UNO’s position in the marketplace, OCPRM works with external vendors and internal resources to create advertising and materials that position the University in the correct light.

Current Media Campaign

Why UNO Matters
The University of New Orleans is an important part of the city, state, region and world. Through facts, accomplishments and highlighting programs the campaign demonstrates why UNO matters. All media drives the audience to the heartbeat website where they can learn more about the university, engage with the Privateer Advocacy Network or give.

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Enrollment/Recruitment Support

In efforts to increase enrollment and maintain retention, this office supports the Office of Admissions to develop, implement, and execute strategies that will attract traditional and non-traditional students.

Both local and national market research are conducted to develop recruitment materials for Admissions as well as other departments on campus. OCPRM and Admissions work hand in hand to create materials that illustrate the benefit of attending UNO to both local and out-of-region prospective students.


The marketing and advertising effort of the Communications, Public Relations and Marketing team have earned several awards in the past few years.

Advertising Awards
  • Print Ads: 2009 National GOLD Higher Ed Marketing Award
  • Television Ads: 2009 National BRONZE Higher Ed Marketing Award
  • Addy award in 2013 for "Follow Me to UNO"
  • Overall Advertising Campaign “Professor Impact”: 2009 National MERIT Higher Ed Marketing Award
Marketing Awards
  • Marketing Team:  The UNO Marketing team was nominated for the American Marketing Association Higher Education Marketing Team of the Year Award for 2011.
Recruiting Material Awards
  • Recruitment DVD/Video: 2009 National TELLY Award
  • 2007-09 View Book: National MERIT Higher Ed Marketing Award