Institutional Facts

1. Legal Applicant: University of New Orleans
All Contracts/agreements are between the funding agency and the University of New Orleans; UNO is the legal applicant, not the department, college or individual.
2. Signatory Authority
A. Proposals Dr. Matthew A. Tarr
Vice President for Research & Economic Development
B. Contracts/Subcontracts Dr. John Nicklow
C. Contracts/subcontracts of less than $1,000,000 Dr. Gregg Lassen
Vice President for Business Affairs
3. Budget Rates
Indirect rate – on campus 46%
Indirect rate – off campus 26%
Cognizant Agency DHHS
Point of Contact Arif Karim
DHHS Indirect Cost Rate Effective Date 7/1/2014
DHHS Indirect Cost Rate Agreement Date 10/21/2014
Fringe Benefit Rate:  
Full time employees (Faculty, staff, Post Docs and Extra Compensation)

FY16 is 45% 

FY17 is 47%

FY18 is 49%

FY19 is 51%

Students Fringe is not calculated on student wages
Transient/Intermittent 8.2%
4. Identification Numbers
Employer/Federal ID Number 72-0702000
EIN for NIH Proposals – Form PHS398 1720702000A1
DUNS Number 616680757
CAGE Code 0N2W2
NAICS Code 611310
DHHS Federalwide Assurance for the Protection of Human Subjects FWA 00005825
Animal Welfare Assurance Number D16-00191 (A3299-01) 7/1/2017 - 7/31/2021
5. Assurances/Certifications
Debarment and suspension No
Drug-free workplace Yes
Note: Do not submit Form LLL "Disclosure of Lobbying Activities" unless you have lobbying activities to disclose
Delinquent federal debt No
Lobbying with federally appropriated funds or other funds No
System for Award Management (SAM)/CCR Expires January 6, 2019
6. Government Districts/Zip Code
U.S. Congressional District 2
Louisiana House District 98
Louisiana Senate District 3
Extended Zip Code 70148-0001