Proposal Internal Approval Timeline

Policy for Office of Research Review

  • 5 business days: Standard, single institutional proposals from experienced Principal Investigators (PIs)
  • 10 business days: Complex and/or multi-institutional proposals
  • 10 business days: Any proposal from a PI with little or no funding history

This lead time begins when a routing form is signed by the dean. Proposals which are not approved by the chair/dean/director have not received institutional approval for submission.

All deadlines represent the amount of lead time necessary before the document is to be transmitted to the funding agency or private entity. In order to serve faculty members from all departments in a professional manner, the Office of Research must require that PI’s follow the rule that all proposals be given to the Office of Research for review according this schedule. PI’s must submit a completed and fully signed UNO Routing Form with the grant proposal narrative or contract scope of work, along with the budget and budget justification. Staff cannot guarantee that documents which are late will be reviewed in time to meet required agency deadlines. Proposals for a particular deadline will be reviewed in the order which the college authorized routing form is submitted.

The Office of Research is responsible for obtaining the appropriate institutional signatures for documents that are submitted within the established policy. 

UNO requires a proposal review because they make commitments for personnel resources, institutional resources, and cash. The university reserves the right to refuse any award resulting from a proposal which was not fully reviewed and/or which does not support the mission of UNO.