Travel Funds

Collaborative Scientific or Engineering Research Innsbruck, Austria – Summer 2018

In order to stimulate scientific and/or engineering research collaborations between UNO and the University of Innsbruck, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs anticipates funding a 4-6 week collaborative visit by a UNO PI to the University of Innsbruck during May-June, 2018.  During this visit, the PI will develop collaborations and/or conduct research with an appropriate professor from the University of Innsbruck.  Proposals will be reviewed internally at UNO and competitively awarded.  A single award is anticipated and the proposal format is attached. The deadline for submission is February 2, 2018.

ORSP Supplement to: BOR Travel Grants for Emerging Faculty (TGEF) 
to Visit Program Managers

Faculty members, who have been awarded a BoR TGEF grant for an upcoming visit with program managers at the agency office, are eligible for this supplemental funding.  The maximum amount available to an awardee traveling to visit a funding agency is $800 per person approved in the BoR award to visit program managers.

Please submit your travel supplement request on an internal routing form.

ORSP Travel Grants for Tenured Faculty to Visit Program  (Based on BoR Travel Grants for Emerging Faculty)

Principal Investigators at UNO are eligible for an award.  Meetings with federal funding agency program officers are required to take place at the agency office, as this allows for longer, more productive meetings and additional opportunities for interaction with agency representatives. Travel to conferences or workshops at which federal agency program officers are present will not normally be considered. The maximum amount available to an awardee traveling to visit a funding agency is $2,000.

Please submit your Travel Grant request on an internal Routing Form.

ADDITIONALLY, if you would like ORSP to invite a particular federal agency program manager to campus or to have the Vice President for Research & Economic Development visit the program manager, please send an email to with your request.

Internal Grant Program

Tenured or tenure-track faculty and retained instructors can apply for the ORSP internal grant programs which are reviewed and ranked by Research Council. The description of current internal grants are posted on the Research Council Internal Grant Program Page.

Internal Grant Program on Sharepoint

One for Three Program

For every three doctoral students funded from externally sponsored projects, the university will fund one doctoral assistantship the following fiscal year. Additional information can be found in IMD 85.004. Departments will be contacted at the beginning of the fiscal year by the Graduate School regarding the list of doctoral students funded in the prior year.

Non-ORSP Sponsored Internal Awards

Visit the Graduate School Awards website for FAQ's on Graduate Scholarships, details on the awards offered by the University of New Orleans and how to apply for them, awards and/or assistance offered by or through individual departments, and awards offered by external organizations not tied to the University.

Student Government

The Student Government website has information as well regarding funding opportunities for UNO students.