The purpose of this section is to assist University faculty and staff in the preparation and administration of Subcontracts issued under sponsored programs/funds.

Pre-Award Forms used by ORSP to draft a subcontract

  1. ORSP Internal Checklist
  2. Risk Assessment - ORSP internal Risk Assessment form
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Executing a Subcontract

To begin the subcontracting process PIs must complete internal forms for each subcontract he/she intends to write. In order to avoid any delays PIs should provide the Sub/Contracts Administrator with the completed forms in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that a subcontractor should never initiate work without an executed/approved subcontract in place. Subcontractors will not be compensated without such a document on file in this office.

Explanation of Internal Forms

General Contractor Information Form
General information about the Subcontractor, payment terms, the department requiring the services, the source of funds and the signature and title of the Subcontractor.

Attachment A
Statement of work and list of key personnel.

Attachment B
Explanation of contract goals (what will be accomplished and how) objectives (in quantifiable terms) and duration (time required to achieve the goals), explanation of methodology to be used to intermittently monitor the Subcontractor's performance, description of how the Subcontract outcome and contractor will be evaluated and name of person responsible for monitoring the agreement.

Attachment C
Choice of option will indicate whether the Subcontractor will be paid on a monthly basis by submission of an invoice, upon completion of tasks or by lump sum upon final submission of deliverables. Either must include certification that the costs of the contract is justifiable and reasonable and can be quantified on an hourly basis, per task basis, etc.

Attachment D
A certification that a cost-benefit analysis has been conducted which indicates that obtaining such services from an outside Subcontractor is more cost-effective than having such services performed by University personnel.

Attachments E
This attachment is completed immediately after the expiration of the agreement in order to monitor the Subcontractors performance. The evaluation form must be attached to the final invoice and sent in one complete package to the Office of Research.

A copy of the Subcontract or its listed key personnel must also be submitted.

Executing a Subcontract

  • >$5,000: When requesting subcontracts in the amount of $ 5,000 and over, the General Contractor Information Form and Attachments A, B, C, & D need to be completed before the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) will prepare the document. Attachment E must be completed at the expiration of the agreement for compliance with State regulations.
  • <$5,000: When requesting subcontracts in the amounts less than $5,000, PI needs only to submit the General Contractor Form and Attachment A. Note: Most Subcontracts for services which are valued in excess of $49,999 to private Subcontractors must be advertised for public bid. The process, mandated by the State Office of Contractual Review, requires as much as 8 to 24 weeks for completion, depending on value of contract. Please contact our Sub/Contracts Administrator for additional information.

After the PI has submitted the appropriate forms, the Sub/Contracts Administrator will assist the PI in assuring that the forms are applicable to the State regulations. Once the forms are finalized the Sub/Contracts Administrator will prepare a subcontract and mail the document to the Subcontractor for signature.

When the subcontract is signed, the Contracts Analyst will provide the PI with a copy of the fully executed/approved agreement. [PLEASE NOTE: Subcontracts $20,000 and less only require appropriate signatures as full execution. However, policy requires subcontracts over $20,000 also be approved by the Louisiana Office of Contractual Review (OCR) .

After the Subcontract is Executed

During the term of the subcontract, the subcontractor will send invoices detailing the services provided for the PI's project. The PI must review the invoice for accuracy, approve and submit it to the Office of Research for payment processing. If a modification (to the Statement of Work, Amount, Project Period) is needed for the executed subcontract, please submit a written request to the Sub/Contracts Administrator.

General Contractor Information Form, Attachment A, Attachment B, Attachment C, Attachment D, Attachments E

Subcontracting UNO
Subcontractor Subcontracts will be formalized using a subcontract format approved by the state Office of Contractual Review. The following forms are required of Subcontractors:

A copy of the Subcontract or its listed key personnel must also be submitted.

Disclosure of Ownership
All Louisiana corporations must provide proof that a Disclosure of Ownership has been properly filed with the Secretary of State (having a the Secretary of State stamp). This requirement does not apply to publically traded corporations. Please refer to their site for more information.