Admission FAQs for Parents

How do I know if UNO is right for my son or daughter?

Answer: One of the best ways to know if UNO is a good fit for your child is to read the information we provide on our website, so you’re already on your way! A couple of other great ideas are:

  • Review our admissions standards to see if your student meets those requirements.
  • Schedule a campus tour and let us know if there is any particular aspect of UNO that your family would like to see or discuss.
  • Ask around!

Especially if you live in Louisiana, you may know someone who has been to UNO recently, or even someone who currently attends. Make sure your information is current. College campuses are always changing and sometimes that can happen fast. To find out what’s new and exciting at UNO, stop by admissions or check out what’s been happening lately in "UNO News."

Learn more in the admissions website | Read the latest stories in "UNO News"
How do I arrange a tour of the UNO main (Lakefront) campus?

Answer: To arrange a tour, please call the Office of Admissions at (504) 280-3033 or (504) 280-3034.

Schedule a Visit
How does a student know if he or she is eligible for financial aid?

Answer:To be eligible for Federal Student Financial Aid at UNO, a student must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
  • Be accepted for admission and admitted to an eligible degree-seeking or certificate-seeking program at UNO.
  • Be enrolled for at least the minimum course load required for the requested aid program. All loan programs require an enrollment of at least halftime. Audit classes do not count.
  • Meet and maintain all requirements under the UNO Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
  • Not be in default on a prior student loan or owe a repayment on any Title IV aid.
  • Be registered for Selective Service if you are a male at least 18 years old who was born after January 1, 1979.
Visit the UNO Financial Aid website
Where do students go to access health care?

Answer: For most basic services, students can visit Student Health Services, located on the first floor of the Human Performance Center (HPC).

Student Health Services website
How does a student apply for campus housing?

Answer: Students can apply for campus housing in person at the Office of Student Housing or go online

Go to the Student Housing website
Can freshman have cars on campus?

Answer: Yes, any student can park on campus as long as the car has a current parking decal

How do students get parking decals?

Answer: To obtain a residential and\or student parking decals, students must bring a valid driver’s license, a valid vehicle registration and complete the Vehicle Registration Form. In addition to these steps, residents of Privateer Place must bring a completed Privateer Place Parking Agreement Form which they can obtain from the management office of that complex. Students must be registered, fees half paid and have payment receipt for parking decal(s). Once all information has been verified, decal(s) will be issued. Finally, registration of your vehicle is not complete until you affix your decal to your car. All decal(s), residential and student, must be placed on the outside of the rear window on the lower left side

Parking Services
Where can I park when I visit campus?

Answer: If you are visiting for a campus tour, you can walk into the Office of Admissions to get a visitor parking pass, but make sure you park in student zones.

Free Parking
What are the safety resources on campus?

Answer: The University Police is probably the best safety resource. They have a wealth of safety tips and information you can review at They are available to students 24 hours a day

More information is available on the UPD website
What are UNO's attendance requirements?

  • Students are expected to attend all classes regularly and punctually. A student who is not present when attendance is checked in a class is considered absent.
  • A student must attend all classes in any course for which he or she is registered. All unexcused absences in such a course are counted against a student’s attendance record.
  • Any student registered in a college may, at the discretion of the dean, be placed on attendance probation. The dean is further authorized to drop from the rolls of the University any student who violates this attendance probation.
  • A student placed on academic probation is automatically placed on attendance probation.
  • A student on academic or attendance probation is expected to attend all classes and an absence from any class may be reported to the appropriate administrator.
  • Each instructor shall report all cases of absence from class which, in the opinion of the instructor, jeopardizes the student’s chances of satisfactorily completing the course.
How can I get information on son/daughter's grades? Can I access his/her academic records?

Answer: The privacy of a student’s educational records is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Under FERPA, a student has a right to expect that information in his/her educational records will be kept confidential unless he/she gives permission to the school to disclose such information.

The University does not mail final grade reports. Students may access final grades through WebSTAR.

FERPA Policy
How can my son/daughter find a part time job or internships?

Answer: The Career Services is a great resource for students seeking employment. It is located on the second floor of the University Center (UC). FreshFest is an on campus and part time job fair, usually held during the first week of class in the fall.

See job opportunities the Career Services' website
Are there hotel near the University where I can stay when visiting my son and/or daughter?

Answer: The University is located in a residential part of New Orleans, however, we are located just fifteen minutes from Downtown and the French Quarter, where there is a variety of accommodations to choose from.

What stores/dining area are available in the area?

Answer: Along with an on-campus mini-mart, students can shop for groceries at Save-A- Center, located about a mile away on Leon C. Simon. Other stores and restaurants that are open nearby are Burger King,Nacho Mama's, Spur gas station at Gentilly and Elysian Fields, Zimmer’s Seafood (and po-boy shop), an on-campus Subway, and a nearby Smoothie King.

Go to the Campus Dining website
Is public transportation available?

Answer: Yes. The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority provides public transportation in the form of Busses and Streetcars.

More information about fares and routes is available at
What are the general degree requirements that students must fulfill?

Answer: The General Degree Requirements as well as other important information can be found in the University Catalog, which is only available online.

See the University Catalog
How does my son/daughter choose which classes to take?

Answer: Upon admission to the university, students must receive advising from their First Year Advisor to determine which classes to take. If the student registers for and attends New Student Orientation, he or she will be advised during the orientation session. All other students can be advised by contacting their major departments.

First Year Advising
New Student Orientation website
What are the safety resources on campus?

Answer: The University Police is probably the best safety resource. They have a wealth of safety tips and information you can review at They are available to students 24 hours a day.

More information is available on the UPD website
Where can I find directions to UNO or a map of the campus?

Answer: A directory of campus maps and directions to the Office of Admissions can be found at Campus Maps.

View Campus Maps
Who do I call if there is an emergency on campus?

Answer: The campus police emergency phone number is 504-280-6666, or 3-6666 from any on campus phone.

How can I change my mailing address to ensure that I receive mail from UNO?

Answer: At the time of registration, a student is required to verify his/her current mailing address. If there has been an address change, the new address must be submitted in writing to The Registrar’s Office on the address change form or may be changed on the web through WebStar.

Sign in to WebSTAR
Can parents or other family members join the Fitness Center?

Answer: The RIS has memberships available for purchase. Different classes of membership include General Public, Senior Citizen, and Alumni. More information is available in the RIS building or at