Administrative Policies

AP 01.0 .pdf

Guidelines for Administrative Policy and Procedure

AP 01.1 .pdf

Internal Management Directives

AP 01.3 .pdf

Important Campus Visitors

AP 02.0 .pdf

Equal Employment Opportunity

AP 02.4 .pdf

Payment of Unclassified Employee for Month in Which Appointed or Terminated

AP 02.05 .pdf

Guidelines for Search Committees for Major Administrative Positions

AP 02.6 .pdf

Authority and Responsibilities of Academic Deans and Directors

AP 02.7 .pdf

Departmental Governance

AP 02.08 .pdf

Exchange Visitor Program - Policies and Procedures for Employing Non-Immigrant Foreign Nationals

AP 02.09 .pdf

Clearance of Employees Terminating Employment  with the University

AP 02.09 Part A .pdf

Departmental Clearance Checklist

 AP 02.09 Part B .pdf

Departing Employee Checklist for Personal Use

AP 02.10 .pdf

Appointments for Full-Time Instructors

AP 02.11 .pdf

Oral and Written Reprimands of Faculty and Academic Staff

AP 02.12 .pdf

Teaching Credentials for Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants

AP 02.13 .pdf

Sponsorship of Faculty and Staff for Lawful Permanent Residency

AP 02.14 .pdf

Employment of International Faculty, Staff and Students

AP 02.15 .pdf

Additional Compensation

AP 02.16 .pdf

Graduate Assistantships

AP 02.17 .pdf

Reduced Tuition for Eligible Employees and Dependents

AP 02.18 .pdf

Spending & Financial Reporting Policy for LA Board of Regents Endowments

AP 02.19 .pdf

Pre-Employment Background Screening

AP 02.20 .pdf

Unclassified Staff Appointments

AP 02.21 .pdf

Unclassified Pay Policy

AP 02.22 .pdf

Discipline Policy

AP 02.23 .pdf

Code of Conduct  Policy

AP 02.24 .pdf

Dismissal of Tenured Faculty

AP 03.00 .pdf

Performance Appraisal Requirements for Classified, Unclassified, and Academic Employees

AP 03.01.pdf

Campus Wide Evaluation of University Administrators

AP 04.01 .pdf

Attendance Leave Records

AP 05.01 .pdf

Office Hours

AP 05.02 .pdf

Smoking Restrictions on UNO Campus

AP 05.03 .pdf

Employee Substance Abuse and
Drug-free Workplace

AP 05.04 .pdf

Guidelines for the Use of Electronic and Wireless Devices in Instructional Classes and Library

AP 05.05 .pdf

Employees' Personal Responsibility for Notebook Computers

AP 05.06 .pdf

Employee Drug Testing Policy

AP 07.00 .pdf

Student Employment

AP 08.02 .pdf

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

AP 08.03 .pdf

Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

AP 09.01 .pdf

Identity Theft Prevention Policy

AP 10.01 .pdf

Use of University Motor Pool Vehicles

AP 10.02 .pdf

Payment of Honoraria

AP 10.03 .pdf

Travel Expense Reimbursement and Travel Advance Authorization and Settlement

AP 10.04 .pdf

Non-credit Instructional and Fund-Raising Activities

AP 10.05 .pdf

Trip Insurance

AP 10.06 .pdf

Driver-Safety Program

AP 10.08 .pdf

Payment of Contractual Services

AP 10.09 .pdf

Employee Receivables

AP 11.01 .pdf

Use of University Funds for Entertainment

AP 12.01 .pdf

Fringe Benefits Tax Classification for Complimentary Tickets

AP 14.01 .pdf

Preparation, Serving and Consumption of Food, Beverages, and Alcohol at University of New Orleans Campus Events

AP 14.02 .pdf

Textbook Adoption & Procurement

AP 14.03 .pdf

Guidelines for Soliciting or Selling on Campus

AP 15.01 .pdf

Budgeting of Student Services Fee Apportioned
in Student Referendum of August 1987

AP 19.01 .pdf

Close-out of Expired Fixed-Price Contracts

AP 20.01 .pdf

Indirect Cost and Employee Benefit Recovery 
Rates on Grants and Contracts

AP 20.02 .pdf

Grants and Contracts - Evaluation and 
Approval Procedures

AP 20.03 .pdf

Disclosure of Outside Employment

AP 20.04 .pdf

Additional Compensation - Summer

AP 20.05 .pdf

Intellectual Property Policy

AP 24.01 .pdf

Substantive Change Request

AP 25.01 .pdf

Preparation of Instructional Schedules for 
Credit Courses (including Appendix D)

AP 26.00 .pdf

To provide guidelines for approval, scheduling, 
and delivery of telecourses for credit

AP 27.00 .pdf

Evaluation of Educational Programs and Courses
offered through Consortial and Contractual Agreements

AP 28.01 .pdf

Data Classification and Data Security

AP 28.02 .pdf

Records Retention Policy

AP 28.03 .pdf

Public Records Requests

AP 28.04 .pdf

Compliance with Export Control Laws and Regulations

AP 35.02 .pdf

Academic Building Coordinators (including Appendix A)

AP 36.01 .pdf

Energy Management and Conservation

AP 37.01 .pdf

Repair and Alteration of Physical Facilities

AP 37.03 .pdf

Access Control Policy

AP 37.03 Part B .pdf

Replacement Key Access Card Request Form

AP 45.01 .pdf

Third Class Bulk Mailings - Campus Mail Service

AP 47.02 .pdf

University Stationary

AP 47.03 .pdf

Use of University Seal

AP 47.04 .pdf

University Printed Materials

AP 47.05 .pdf

Private Use of Official University Insignia, 
Titles, Stationery, Envelopes, etc.

AP 47.06 .pdf

Use of University Indicia

AP 48.01 .pdf

UNO Program, Environmental Health and Safety

AP 48.02 .pdf

UNO Disaster Emergency Plans

AP 48.03 .pdf

Accident Reports Involving Non-Employees

AP 51.01 .pdf

Privacy and Access to Student Records

AP 51.02 .pdf

Credentials Files for Graduates and Master's
and Doctoral Level Students

AP 51.03 .pdf

Graduate School Admissions

AP 53.01 .pdf

Procurement and Use of Telecommunications
Equipment and Services

AP 53.02 .pdf

Commercial Test Administration

AP 54.01 .pdf

Use of Portable Stage and Sound Equipment for Public Events

AP 55.00 .pdf

Compensation Limits for Academic and Non-Classified Employees