Message from President Moffett and Lombardi on Regarding Employee Benefits Transition

University of New Orleans Faculty, Staff, and Retirees

Dear Colleagues,

As the University of Louisiana System (ULS) and the Louisiana State University System (LSU) work through details of the transition of the University of New Orleans (UNO) into the UL System that is tentatively scheduled to take place around the first week of December 2011, we want to outline the process of transitioning the employee voluntary benefits plan and health care coverage from the LSU System to the UL System.

The annual enrollment for employee health plan and benefits coverage began on October 1, 2011. At that time, UNO employees are still part of the LSU System and remain eligible for coverage through either the LSU First Plan administered by LSU or health plans administered by the State Office of Group Benefits. UNO employees are eligible to enroll in the LSU voluntary benefits programs, such as vision, dental and life insurance, as in years past.
Although the formal transition to the UL System will likely take place in December, the UL and LSU systems have agreed to continue LSU First coverage for UNO employees until December 31, 2012. In addition, the UL and LSU systems will attempt to work out arrangements for UNO employees, who select any of the voluntary benefits programs, to continue participating in those programs after the transfer.

At next year’s enrollment period in October 2012, UNO employees in LSU First will then change over to the Office of Group Benefits and whatever additional voluntary benefits programs the UNO campus chooses to endorse, as is currently the case with all University of Louisiana System campuses.

We believe this extended transition period will allow UNO employees to make a smooth conversion to the University of Louisiana System. UNO employees and retirees will soon receive detailed information on these options and issues as part of the October 1st enrollment process as well as at a UNO benefits fair on October 11th. Additional information may be found at

Randy Moffett
President, University of Louisiana System

John V. Lombardi
President, Louisiana State University System