2020 Campus Master Plan

I am pleased to present the Master Plan for the University of New Orleans. This Master Plan is the product of the collaboration of several groups of stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, alumni and community representatives) who have worked for the past two years. The plan presents an ambitious and exciting transformation of our university campus from its roots as a regional commuter school to an urban research university with a global reach. The plan aligns with the Strategic Plan, UNO 2020.

The Master Plan illustrates what we envision for the University of New Orleans into the future. The plan supports the facilities and physical space that we feel are necessary to solidify the University's strength and visibility as a premier public university for high-achieving, motivated students at an institution that offers excellent academic programs and encourages high quality research, scholarship, and creative activities.

As the University of New Orleans begins its sixth decade of existence, a question to consider is what the university will look like in the year 2020. This plan focuses on answering this question. The University's physical plant will be open and green, compact and integrated, connected and engaged. This plan recommends the establishment of a physical and emotional center of campus, which will become the hub of day-to-day university life. The plan also identifies areas of campus that will be dedicated to academics and student life. This plan also has taken into account factors such as: landscaping standards, vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns, environmental issues, and the present and future architectural character of the campus. The plan has taken into consideration the Master Plan for its namesake, the city of New Orleans.

I would like to thank all of the Master Planning Committee members and the University of New Orleans team who have contributed to the development of this plan. The results of their contributions are realized on the pages of the Master Plan.

Peter J. Fos, President

August 14, 2014

Campus Master Plan


UNO Strategic Plan

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