Prospective Students

Student Categories

Students at the University of New Orleans come from all over the world and are all ages. Some are making the move from high school to their freshman year of college, while others are transferring from another college or university or coming to the University of New Orleans as international or graduate student. For detailed admissions information, choose the category that best matches your needs:


Students who have completed a four-year degree and are pursuing a Master’s degree or Doctoral degree.

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Executive Graduate

Student professionals who are aiming to receive a graduate degree in the College of Business Administration within a year and a half.

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A student who has earned a baccalaureate degree and wants to pursue another baccalaureate degree.

First Time Freshmen

A first time freshman is a student who has not earned college credit after the summer immediately following high school graduation.

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Dual Enrollment/Early Start

If you are an outstanding high school student, you may earn college credit while you are still in high school. UNO offers several early admission programs for qualified high school students.

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Adult Freshmen

Adult freshmen are 25 years old and over and have graduated from a state approved high school or have successfully earned a GED.

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Transfer students have completed 24+ hours of college/non-remedial coursework (including Math and English) from another institution.

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International applicants are those who hold or will be holding a non-immigrant visa (F-1 or J-1).

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Returning Student

A returning student has earned some college credit and meets either first time freshman or transfer student requirements.

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Visiting Student (Summer Guest Student)

Students who are enrolled at another college or university may take courses at UNO during the summer semester (as a summer guest) or during the fall and spring to take courses not offered at their home institution. Credits earned are fully transferable.

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Non-degree Guest Student

Non-degree student also includes Golden Agers, students with college degrees, undergraduate students taking classes for fun (Special Students), and graduate students preparing for professional exam or graduate school.

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Military veterans, active duty military or military dependent.

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