Visiting/Summer Guest Student

Planning to be in New Orleans for the summer? If your answer's yes, enroll for summer classes at UNO. You can get ahead by earning credit that's fully transferable. You must be enrolled at an accredited college or university during the spring semester and be eligible to return in the fall.

The perks of taking summer courses at UNO

  • Fully Transferable: UNO is accredited so the courses you take are transferable to your home college or university.
  • Specialized Programs: UNO has number of specialized programs that some schools don't offer during the summer.
  • Smaller classes: Since there are fewer students on campus over the summer, you may be able to enroll in classes with fewer students. This could lead to more interaction between you and the professor. This would especially be true with classes that require projects and presentations.
  • Expenses: Summer school at UNO won't break the bank. UNO was ranked #1 In Least Financial Burden in Louisiana


Have Questions?

For more information contact your counselor in Transfer Services.