Cross Enrollment for Students

General Information

  • You may take a course at the host institution for each course taken at your home institution up to a maximum of two courses per semester.
  • You cannot take a course at the host institution if it is offered at your home institution on the the current semester of your class enrollment.
  • You must follow the calendar and policies of the host institution in all matters related to the course(s) you are taking there.
  • You must pay any course or special fees at the host institution.
  • You will not pay an application fee or tuition at the host institution.
  • Federal financial aid will still be awarded by your home institution.
  • Before dropping a course at the host institution, you must contact the Registrar's Office at your home institution.
  • If you resign from your home institution, you must also resign from the host institution.
Registration Dates Summer Fall
Registration May 1 - June 4 May 1-August 24 November 16 - January 10

UNO Students taking Courses at SUNO/Delgado/Nunez

  1. Pick up a cross enrollment form at the college office of your major.
  2. Complete selection of UNO courses through WebSTAR.
  3. Complete the form and have your advisor and Dean approve the request.
  4. Have your college enter the appropriate cross enrolled course and hours.
  5. Pay UNO fees for the combined total of semester hours at both institutions during the appropriate fee payment time.
  6. Have the cross enrollment form certified in the UNO Registrar's Office (112 Administration Building) and the number of cross enrolled hours entered.
  7. Take the certified form to the Registrar's Office (Administration Building) at SUNO, Building 7 (Student Life Center) at Delgado or the Registrar's Office (Building "A") at Nunez during regular business hours and register for courses.
  8. Return a completed copy to the UNO Registrar's Office signed by host institution indicating you are enrolled at that institution.
    NOTE: building locations on other campuses may change due to campus remediation.

  SUNO/Delgado/Nunez Students taking Courses at UNO

    1. Pick up a cross enrollment form at the Registrar's Office of your home institution..
    2. Complete the form. Have your advisor (if applicable), dean, and registrar approve the request.
    3. Register for courses at your home institution and pay home institution fees for the combined total of semester hours to be taken at your home institution and at UNO.
    4. Have your home institution Registrar certify the form.
    5. Take the completed form to the UNO Office of Registrar (112 Administration Building) according to the above schedule: (WebSTAR is not available to cross enrolled students.)
    6. Complete registration and pay applicable fees in the Bursar's Office (1006 Administration Building) or at Centralized Enrollment Services.