Resigning from the University

If you wish to resign (drop all courses), you must do so on WebSTAR. Please note that the effective resignation date is the date on which you dropped your last class.

Deadlines to resign

Resignation periods for the semesters are as follows: Fall 2013
Last date for 100% refund (less $50 and other nonrefundable fees) August 30
Last date for 50% refund September 23
Last date to resign for the semester November 11

Financial Aid Award

If you accepted your financial aid and decide not to attend before or after the semester begin, you must resign (drop all courses) from the University.

If you only drop a portion of your schedule, there is NO REFUND after the 100% refund. 

Any student who has received federal student financial aid, (Pell Grant, SEOG, Perkins, Stafford Subsidized Loan, Stafford Unsubsidized Loan and/or PLUS Loan) and then withdraws, drops out, takes an unapproved leave of absence, fails to return from an approved leave of absence, is expelled, or otherwise fails to complete the period of enrollment, may be subject to Federal Refund/Repayment Regulations if 60% of the semester has not been completed on or after October 24 for Fall.For updates, visit the Bursar's website >>
These regulations may require that the student refund and/or repay the financial aid program from which he/she received funds. Students should consult a Financial Aid Counselor before resigning from the University.