Live Class Schedule Search

UNO's new live class listing database will help you find the most up to date information regarding class schedules, listings and openings. The online listing is very intuitive, but in order to help navigate, we've included the below instructions.

  1. Choose the appropriate semester from the drop down labeled "Term".
  2. Choose the subject you are looking for (English, Mathematics, Curriculum and Instruction, etc.) from the drop down option within "Class Search Criteria".
  3. If you know the course number, enter it in the next drop down.
  4. Select either Undergraduate or Graduate in the "Course Career" drop down.
  5. If you choose to fine tune your search, click on "Additional Search Criteria" and follow the options there. This will allow you to search by times/days offered, instructors, etc.
  6. Click the "Search" button.
  7. Once your search is returned, note that for each class (ex. CHEM 1007) there will be multiple listings that may all not be visible. Simply click on the "View All Sections" link within the dark blue bar for each class to view all options at once.
  8. Click on the link by the class section number for detailed information such as course description, prerequisites, number of seats available, and so on. Click the "View Search Results" bar to return to the list of sections.