Spring 2013 Partner Courses

Tired of unconnected courses? Want an integrated education? Here is a chance to take two or more courses that complement each other and look at a topic from different points of view. Register for a set of the partner courses listed below and enhance your understanding and appreciation of the disciplines.

(a) Course may be counted toward Environmental Studies Minor.
(b) Course may be counted toward Asian Studies Minor.
(c) Course may be counted toward Africana Studies Minor.
(d) Course may be counted toward Women’s Studies Minor.
(e) Course may be counted toward European Studies Minor.

ENGL 4391 American Environmental Writing (a)
SOC 4871 Sociology of the Environment (a)
GEOG 4150 Geography of Hazards and Disasters (a)
SOC 4098-002 Sociology of Disasters (a)
MURP 4050 Urban Land Use Plan Making (a)
SOC 4098-001 Sociology of Health and Illness (a)
MURP 4063 Land Use and Transportation Planning (a)
URBN 4150 Planning for Hazards (a)
GEOG 3190 India and Pakistan (b)
PHIL 2701 Religions of the East (b)
HIST 3552 African American History II (c)
POLI 2993-001 African American Politics (c)
ENGL 4093 Contemporary African Literature (c)
HIST 2702 Africa 1830-Present (c)
ANTH 3351 People and Cultures of Africa (c)
POLI 4990-002 Africa in World Politics (c)
ANTH 4765 Ethnicity in Contemporary Society (c)
SOC 2098 Race (c)
ENGL 2378 Introduction to Women’s Literature (d)
WGS 2010 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (d)
ANTH 4766 Sex and Gender (d)
POLI 4990-003 Politics and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa (d)
ENGL 4092 Sexuality in American Literature (d)
SOC 4080 Perspectives on Women, Gender, and Sexuality (d)
FA 4270 Contemporary Feminist Art (d)
WS 4080 Feminist Theory: Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality (d)
FA 2201 Historical Survey of the Arts I (e)
HIST 1001 World History I (e)
FA 2202 Historical Survey of the Arts II (e)
HIST 1002 World History II (e)
ENGL 2342 Survey of British Literature II (e)
HIST 2362 Modern Britain (e)
ENGL 4917 The Contemporary Novel (e)
PHIL 4027 Heidegger (e)
ENGL 4913 Early 20th-Century Poetry (e)
FA 4265 Early Modern Art (e)
FTCA 4541 Development of the Cinema II (e)
FA 4267 Contemporary Art (e)