Centers and Institutes

UNO AP-OP-24.2 Policy on Centers and Institutes provides a framework for the establishment, review, maintenance, operation and discontinuation of centers and institutes. The purpose of centers and institutes is to advance the university’s mission and strategic plan in areas such as workforce training, academic programming and research and innovation. The AP is available on the President’s website for administrative policies:

Listing of Current UNO Centers and Institutes

Approval Process for BoR Approved Center or Institute

If you are submitting a new proposal or renewal for a BoR approved center or institute, you should submit it internally 3 months prior to the month that you want to be added to the BoR agenda. Any of the reviewers may request additional information and it is the responsibility of the applicant to be aware of BoR meeting dates and plan their submission accordingly. You can apply as an academic/research unit or as a center of excellence using the Center and Institute Routing Form in SharePoint located here:Center and Institute Routing Form.

1) Proposals for new centers, institutes, and other similar academic/research units (both intra- and inter- institutional) that are organized and structured around a broad-ranging, interdisciplinary research effort should follow the Guidelines and Forms for the (Re)Authorization of an Academic/Research unit (Centers and Institutes).

2) A Center of Excellence is uniquely focused and specific in its designation. It may consist of a unit, program, or functional area that, as a Center, is accountable to higher expectation of performance and productivity, including contributions to the body of knowledge and to economic development, placement of graduates, generation of external interest and support, formation of joint ventures and partnerships, and positive recognition of the area and its faculty and students. Follow the Guidelines and Forms for the (Re)Authorization of a Center of Excellence.

The Council on Centers and Institutes (CCI) will review the submitted documentation and will vote to approve or reject the application.

 Approved applications will be forwarded to the appropriate Vice President for final review. Internally reviewed applications and renewals will be sent to Academic Affairs for submission to Board of Regents.

Historically, Board of Regents does not communicate directly regarding review of centers and institutes. Instead, they post their agenda and minutes on their website. BoR also has a listing of approved centers and institutes and a tracking database on their website. To make tracking your documents easier, we have created a webpage that explains and links to these BoR pages.

Renewal Process for UNO Approved Centers and Institutes

New centers/institutes

Newly approved UNO centers and institutes are given an initial three-year probationary period. Upon completion of the probationary period, a performance review is conducted to determine whether the center or institute may proceed to full, active status.

Established centers/institutes in full, active status

 All active UNO centers and institutes will be reviewed every five years. Institutional reviews will be scheduled in coordination with any external reviews that are required, as possible.