Major Community Initiatives

In an effort to maximize impact and student engagement, the Office of Service Learning and Institutional Community Engagement (SLICE) purposes four major community initiatives. These initiatives build on the strengths of the University of New Orleans’ academic programs and resources and respond to the pressing needs within Southeast Louisiana, throughout the United States, and across the world. These projects have been intentionally designed to encourage students to build connections between theory and practice, produce significant and sustainable results, and provide substantial benefits to community partners, academic programs of study, and to students.

Quality of Life ProjectQuality of Life Initiative

...increasing livability and the quality of life by creating value through education, health, entrepreneurship, and investment in social capital.

The Quality of Life Project is a collaborative research and service project that explores complex social issues, engaging in direct service, developing solutions, and advocating for systematic change.

Recovery and RenaissanceRecovery and Renaissance

...a multi-faceted partnership addresses life in New Orleans, neighborhood by neighborhood... discovering, examining, documenting, preserving and promoting awareness of infrastructure, history, culture, architecture, small business growth; crime, education; parks, and community services and resources.

Working in collaboration, students, community partners, faculty, and staff explore complex topics and challenges, engage in direct service and hands-on-research, and advocate for justice and fairness to support the diverse and robust recovery and renaissance that defines the city of New Orleans.

Global Community ImpactGlobal Community Impact

...addressing the big earth issues of the 21st century: food, water, shelter, environment, energy, and sustaining growth in local, regional, and global communities.

Global Community Impact is a service learning initiative focused on exploring, engaging and responding to critical human needs, addressing major societal issues, and proposing solutions required to sustain the world’s communities, now and in the future.

Spotlight on Music, Arts and CultureSpotlight on Music, Arts and Culture

...exploring, discovering, preserving, documenting, and supporting the distinct character and innovative traditions that define the diverse musical, artistic, and cultural fabric of New Orleans and the river parishes.

This interdisciplinary service learning initiative places emphasis on applying learned skills and course concepts in cooperation with community partners to promote, educate, and inform, to increase access and opportunity, and to develop the musical, artistic and cultural identity of regional New Orleans as well as to advocate for systematic changes needed to sustain growth and vitality.