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Service Learning Application Form

The Service Learning Application Form is the first step to making your course available to students and qualifying for the $2000 stipend. Once the form has been signed by your chair and your dean, submit it to the Office of Service Learning where it will be signed then forwarded to the registrar. Please remember to submit any other necessary forms (such as the Add/Drop/Change Course Form) to the appropriate offices. A Service Learning Application Form must be submitted each semester the course will be offered.

Faculty Assessment

The Faculty Assessment is a brief survey and is required for the $2000 additional compensation to be paid. The form requires four signatures: faculty member, chair, dean, and provost. PDFs with digital signatures are accepted in place of hard copies.

Site Assessment

A site assessment is required for all service learning projects.  Faculty must visit their respective service learning work sites then complete and submit a Site Assessment Form at least two weeks prior to course start dates.  Any course section with a service learning component but no Site Assessment Form on file will be deleted from the course schedule and the faculty member will not be eligible to receive their stipend.  The onus is on faculty to verify that work sites are appropriate and safe for students; however, if extenuating circumstances arise that make it impossible for the faculty member to visit the work site in person at least two weeks prior to the project start date, a representative from Academic Affairs may be able to perform the site assessment on their behalf.  Please contact Ryan Bell ASAP if you think you will need assistance with the site visit and assessment. 

Work Hours Verification

Each student enrolled in a service learning course is required to work at least 25 hours and have a Work Hours Verification Form signed by their supervisor. Faculty should gather the completed and signed forms then submit them to the Office of Service Learning.  PDFs with digital signatures are accepted in place of hard copies.


 Course Development Resources

Step by Step Instructions

The administrative process for creating a service learning course at UNO is simple. This document is a breakdown of the four steps taken to designate a course, assuring that students receive notation on their transcripts and that faculty receive stipends for teaching service learning courses.

Service Learning Guidebook

Service Learning GuidebookThe University of New Orleans Service Learning Guidebook is a resource for Faculty, Staff, Students and Community Partners. Click on the image to read the online version of the current guidebook. 




Designing Service Learning Courses

Service Learning (SL) courses assist faculty in building connections between course content and practical, real world application. Such courses can offer faculty an opportunity to establish partnerships within the community, conduct meaningful research, collaborate with community and campus leaders, and create significant teaching and learning opportunities for students. Additionally, designing service learning courses and creating SL research projects can create opportunities for outside funding and assist in developing grant-writing skills. 

Reflection Assessment

A reflection assessment allows students to connect learning in the classroom and their work with community partners. Meaningful reflection can be conducted in a group setting, in the classroom, at the community organization, or individually through course assignments.

We have provided a guide for reflection and a sample assessment form. While student assessments are a necessary component of service learning courses, you are not required to use this exact form.

Download the Guide for Intentional Reflection
Download Student Service Learning Self Assessment

Service Learning Organizations