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Service Learning Guidebook

Service Learning GuidebookThe University of New Orleans Service Learning Guidebook is a resource for Faculty, Staff, Students and Community Partners. Click on the image to read the online version of the current guidebook.



Designing Service Learning Courses

Service Learning (SL) courses assist faculty in building connections between course content and practical, real world application. Such courses can offer faculty an opportunity to establish partnerships within the community, conduct meaningful research, collaborate with community and campus leaders, and create significant teaching and learning opportunities for students. Additionally, designing service learning courses and creating SL research projects can create opportunities for outside funding and assist in developing grant-writing skills.

Service Learning Course Guidelines | Service Learning Course List

Designate Your Course as a Service Learning Course

Faculty members may designate their course as a service learning course at the University of New Orleans. Faculty members will need to provide information of their course and affiliated community partnerships/organizations. Complete the form to designate your course.

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Assistance and Stipends

The Office of Service Learning and Institutional Community Engagement (SLICE) has resources to assist faculty in developing courses, creating service learning projects, and locating a potential community partner. SLICE also offers workshops and information regarding the competitive application process that supports faculty who develop a SL course proposal. If selected, a faculty member could receive a $1,500 stipend and a $250 allowance for course-related supplies.

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Reflection Assessment

All students enrolled in a service learning course must participate in a reflection assessment, which allows students to connect learning in the classroom and their work with community partners. Meaningful reflection can be conducted in a group setting, in the classroom, at the community organization, or individually through course assignments.

The Service Learning Self Assessment form is for students to fill out at the end of the semester. This form is for faculty/service learning rep to administer.

Download the Guide for Intentional Reflection | Student Service Learning Self Assessment

Service Learning Council

Patrick Stewart, Program Director

Office of Service Learning and Institutional Community Engagement

Brian McDonald, Service Learning Council Member

User Services

Library & University Success Initiative

Elyria Kemp, Service Learning Council Member

Assistant Professor Marketing
Department College of Business Administration

Joseph (Larry) Dew, Service Learning Council Member

Instructor Department of Biological Sciences
College of Sciences

Michelle Thompson, Service Learning Council Member

Associate Professor
Department of Planning and Urban Studies
College of Liberal Arts

Paul Bole, Service Learning Council Member

Associate Professor of Professional Practice
Department of Special Education and Habilitative Services
College of Education and Human Development

Elizabeth “Liz” Sigler, Service Learning Council Member

Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs