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Bicentennial Education Building, Room 147
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148
(504) 280-5457

SSS offers a host of resources! Now that you've looked around a bit to see all the other stuff we offer,if you aren't already convinced of how awesome we are, take a look at these! 

Dedicated Study Space

No more trying to find a place on campus where you won't run into that classmate who talks your ear off! In addition to the space near our offices for you to work out of, we've got two classrooms upstairs in ED 215 & ED 217! With one large work table, and a smaller 4 seater, in each room, there's plenty of room to spread out and work on your projects, homework and papers. Because this is a group study space, there might be some sharing, but overall, there should be plenty of space for you to come by and have a little time and space to hang out and catch up on work.

This study space is dedicated for SSS students only. So, though we love it when you bring your friends by to introduce them to us, unfortunately, we have to keep the rooms just for SSS students only. If your friend is interested in becoming an SSS Participant, tell them to come to ED 147 to apply!

What's even better is that there will be a Tutor and/or SI Lead on hand in either one or both of the rooms! So, if you're working on a subject and your Tutor or SI Leader is there, voila! More instant access. 

Technology Access

You know the drill. You get to the library and there are no computers left. You're racking your brain, where can I go, where can I go? Well, look no further, you've got your answer. You have access to technology just like anywhere else on campus. If you need something in particular, just ask! If the rooms upstairs are closed, remember to come downstairs like you usually do. There's plenty of space now to take care of your school needs!

Workshops and Seminars

We're getting geared up for new workshops and seminars you actually want to attend! These new events will be aimed at helping you be a better student, person and professional! Check out the Workshops & Seminars page, or the SSS Events Calendar for more information.

SSS Sections

One of the many perks in SSS is the sections which are SSS students only. We hand pick each of our tutors, supplemental instruction leaders, and choose collaborating professors. Essentially, you get catered service and support while taking each of our SSS sections. The math and writing labs help you and provide that extra “oomph” that you need to do well and you get to hang out with your fellow SSS-mates, too! It’s an instant support system at your service.