Staff Council Committees

The Standing Committees of Staff Council advise and report on various issues related to the staff at the University of New Orleans.

Questions to Administrators Committee

Chair: Kendy Martinez                
Irene Ziegler

Events Committee


Chair: Mary Hicks            
Martha Barnes                             
Denise Bauer                              
Harold Baur                                 
Zena Dickerson                          
Marie Kaposchyn



Awards Committee 


Chair: Eliza Nascarella               
Nora Chapuis
Shelita Gibbs
Mary Hicks


Membership & Elections Committee

Chair: Charlann Kable                 
Nick Cutrera, Jr.                   
Brian McDonald                         
LaJana Paige

By-Laws Committee


Chair: Amanda Green                   
Sarah Berry                                  
Kimberly Echols                           
Brian McDonald