Student Handbook and Policies

The University of New Orleans Student Handbook is an official student policy.  The UNO Student Handbook describes what is expected of a student with respect to behavior and conduct in the UNO community and outlines the procedures to be followed when these expectations are not met.  The handbook includes the Code of Student Conduct as well as other rules, regulations and policies governing student life.

AP # Name of Policy
AP-AA-29.2 Commercial Test Administration
AP-AA-30.3 Alcohol and Drugs
AP-AA-31.3 Demonstration, Mass Protest, Distribution of Literature, and Freedom of Expression
AP-AA-32.3 Anti-Hazing
AP-AA-33.2 Weapons on Campus
AP-AA-34.3 Student and Student Organization Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities
Student Handbook and Forms
Student Code of Conduct
Student Handbook
Event Registration Form Students and Student Organizations
Event Registration Form Non-Student Organizations