Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI)

Application Period for the AMRI/Chemistry Summer Outreach Research Program Now Open

Summer research positions are available in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, and materials science. These positions are open to undergraduate and high school students. Participants will work in state of the art scientific research facilities alongside experienced research scientists. No prior experience is necessary. Full-time positions begin May 30 and end July 28, 2017, and are accompanied by a stipend. Application deadline is March 31, 2017.

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Dr. Leonard Spinu Wins Research in Excellence Award

Dr. Spinu

AMRI would like to congratulate Dr. Leonard Spinu on his latest research award from UNO. This award was part of the 2016 UNO Research Recognition Prize Winners. The prize is recognition for persons who have achieved the rank of Associate Professor or Professor and who have distinguished themselves in their creative and scholarly activities. Dr. Spinu is certainly deserving of the award and has published over 140 journal articles, including publications in Nature Materials, Physical Review Letters, Nature Physics and Physical Review and has been very successful in generating funding for research.

Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Tarr

Dr. Tarr

Best Wishes to Dr. Matthew Tarr for his new position. Dr. Tarr will serve as Vice President for Research and Economic Development in the UNO Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. This new post will begin Spring semester 2017.

Dr. Matthew Tarr was recently appointed to the Eurofins Professorship in Analytical Chemistry on September 23, 2016. Dr. Tarr will develop new areas of research interest in collaboration with Eurofins laboratories at the UNO Research and Technology Park. Development could include new analytical techniques and methodology related to trace micronutrients and industrial contaminants in the human food supply, human food allergans, proteins and lipids analytical chemistry of food products, and the adulteration and animal speciation of food products.

Overview of AMRI

The Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI) is a multidisciplinary institute that provides a unique environment which integrates academic, private, and government sectors in the conception and development of novel research programs. AMRI's research staff is comprised of Professors, Postdoctoral Researchers, Graduate and Undergraduate Students, and Visiting Scientists with experience and training in world-renowned research institutions from the United States and many countries abroad. AMRI has extensive collaborations with other academic institutions and industry groups from Louisiana and nationwide, as well as several active international partnerships. The general focus of AMRI researchers is on Materials Science and Nanotechnology. Some current focus areas areas include nanofabrication, magnetism, drug delivery, solar conversion, and thermal and electrical transport properties. In support of its research programs, AMRI provides state of the art laboratories and equipment facilities in the Science Building of the University of New Orleans Lakefront Campus. The newly developed FACS (Fabrication, Analysis, & Consulting Services) program is working to share these facilities in support of materials research needs in the state of Louisiana.

General Meetings/Conferences

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AMRI Calendar of Events

AMRI holds weekly group meetings every Thursday in the Science Building, room 2072 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

AMRI Group Meeting Schedule
1st Thursday AMRI Student Seminar (Dr. Weilie Zhou in charge)
2nd Thursday LA SIGMA Group (Dr. Leszek Malkinski in charge)
3rd Thursday Research Group Meeting (Dr. Kevin Stokes in charge)
4th Thursday AMRI General Meeting (Dr. John Wiley in charge)